As anyone who follows my facebook page may have guessed, I have a very sweet tooth…. I’m always on the lookout for new and delicious things to eat and I’m constantly amazed by the range of fantastic things I find on the internet. Not only do they look delicious but they often look fantastically beautiful.  In fact, some creations are real works of art and I sometimes wonder if I could bring myself to eat them…

One of the talented cookie artists I’ve discovered recently is Amber Spiegel whose business is called Sweet Ambs. Here are some examples of her fabulous work.

All photos are copyright of Amber Spiegel

Amber has a shop on Etsy and a great blog with wonderful tutorials so you can learn how to decorate cookies for yourself.

And I have to admit that, although all Amber’s cookies do look too good to eat and it does seem a shame to destroy all that hard work, I would eat them with gusto!!!